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Previous and current Research work and conclusions in the development and harnessing of Ocean Renewable Energy such as tides, waves, currents, temperature gradient, and salinity gradient revealed that ocean renewable energy can be harnessed for electricity generation. The following ocean forces like tides, currents salinity gradient can be tapped and converted to electricity. However, Nigeria via NIOMR is presently focusing on the Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) technology. OTEC uses the temperature difference between cold water from the deep ocean and warm surface water.
The world body has identified Nigeria’s geographical location around the temperate zones, as excellent ocean thermal resource - and therefore a potential industry leader.
Sequel to the Federal Government approval of April 2012, via the Honourable Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (parent Ministry of NIOMR), as regard the initiatives to exploit the Ocean Energy Resources in Nigeria, the Ocean Renewable Energy Memorandum of Understanding between the Nigerian Institute for Oceanography & Marine Research and FOT-K Consortium, was endorsed.

After a thorough due process of application and verification, the International Energy Agency-IEA and the Ocean Energy System-OES, jointly approved Nigeria to become the 20th Executive Member Nation of the OCEAN ENERGY SYSTEM. NIOMR, is now the statutory contracting Agency representing the Federal Government of Nigeria, on the international body-OES, with FOT-K CONSORTIUM endorsed as Alternate Delegate, effective January 20th 2013.

From our preliminary analysis, pending the result of a proper/detailed pre-feasibility & development studies, Nigeria can develop over 10 Nos separate multi-product OTEC plants each generating 100-500MW, along the coastal shores of the country on incremental basis as availability of funds permits. Our analysis also indicated other commercial products that can be produced from an OTEC plant as: Hydrogen for Hydrogen Fuel cells and Jet Aviation Fuel used in automotive industry, Ammonia for fertilizer, Portable water-about 10million liters per day per for every 100mw of the plant, Edible and Industrial Salts, aqua-marine minerals, etc.

NIOMR in line with the existing technical collaboration with FOT-K Consortium and its International Team, led by Cardinal Engineering (a US company) , will be working together to carry out the pre-feasibility studies, and other developmental requirements for the utilization of OTEC technology in Nigeria. The first phase of Feasibility Studies is expected to establish the best candidate sites, offshore Nigeria for the installation of OTEC technology and develop the economic viability of the OTEC Plants in the continental shelf and in accordance with the signed MOU with FOT-K.

In this regard, NIOMR has designated its technical team and set up an Ocean Energy System operational programme in collaboration with FOT-K Consortium. Technical top management discussions are currently underway with (NN, NNPC-RED, NIMASA, Min of Power, ECN, Min of Environment, Min of Industry and other government agencies with Ocean related manpower/exploitation and security activities), to ensure successful implementation of the OTEC Initiatives in Nigeria.

In order to consider and harness all sectoral activities in relation to this proposed project, the Federal Government of Nigeria is considering setting up a Centre or Committee for Ocean Renewable Energy Resources-CORER, to be located within NIOMR in Lagos. CORER is expected to oversee all OTEC Initiatives from research, feasibility/development studies, conceptual design, engineering and deployment of the integrated OTEC facilities, including connection to National grid and facility management, as well as any other ocean related renewable energy resources suitable/adaptable for Nigeria.

News & Events

January 28 - 30, 2015
FARA: Training on IAR4D/ IP and the Innovation System Approach

October 10, 2014
FG in conjuction with NIOMR acquires a brand new MFV 36,30 Fishery & Oceanographic Research Vessel called RV. Bayagbona

------------------------------------------------------------------ June 9, 2014
One day workshop of MainOne cable Lagos, Nigeria to NIOMR


February 10 - 17th March, 2014
A six-weeks vocational training for Women and Youths in Aquaculture Production and Fish processing

April 20, 2014
Technical presentation of the    OES/OTEC progress to the Hon    Minister-FMARD, by NIOMR/FOT-K
------------------------------------------------------------------ April 27, 2012
Commissioning of Capital Project by the Honourable Minister of Agriculture and Rural development at NIOMR

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